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Most of the keys on my Lenovo y560p work fine usually but sometimes some of them will register incorrect keypresses.

For example, the u key will register as "volume up", the n will be "ESC". But most of the others will be fine. USB keyboards work fine. Seems to happen intermittently.

Laptop: Lenovo y560p
Ubuntu: 10.04 LTS

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You might have one of two issues:

Either a hardware issue and your laptop is having problems with the cable or circuit related to the keyboard or a misconfiguration of the keyboard layout when Ubuntu was installed or after it was installed.

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Turns out it was a hardware issue, as I installed Windows 7 and the same keyboard issues appeared.

Was covered by Lenovo warranty. They exchanged it.

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The problem actually is the keyboard ribbon that plugs into the motherboard. Same issue happened to me. The ribbon rubs on a sharp edge on a heat sink, eventually grounding out after some time.

Solution: I used a small strip of electrical tape to insulate the ribbon where the heat sink rubbed it and exposed the small conductive material inside. I haven't had an issue since.

The heat sink is a bad design flaw that Lenovo should fix!

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