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I have a multifunction HP printer/scanner. I've always used it wirelessly with a PC before now, but want to connect it to my Maverick laptop. I have hplip installed and have connected the machine to the computer via USB (wireless is not supported.) The printer works just fine, but when I try to scan, the scanner's console (not the computer, but the window on the scanner itself) tells me there's an error.

I've looked at the hplip documentation for my machine, and it says, "Scan supported means that PC initiated scan using a SANE compatible software application is supported over parallel, USB, or network (depending on I/O connection)."

What is SANE? I'm assuming it's a driver that's already installed, but where do I find a SANE compatible software application?

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I still can't claim to understand exactly what SANE is, other than some kind of driver. But you can find a list of compatible GUI apps at The SANE Project website.

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I am no expert!

Try to install the XSANE or SANE package in Synaptic. You might also need to install libsane-hpao which contains SANE's backend drivers for HP scanners. Start either XSANE or SANE in the menu-graphics.

Hope this helps.

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SANE is a program talking to your scanner hardware.

I have the same printer. I installed it using HPLIP which is installed by default in Ubuntu and scanning worked out of the box (install hplip-gui if you want the graphical menu).

However the printing driver added extra space (extra margins) so I uninstalled to try with another driver, installing it as a network printer through CUPS and using the hpijs driver instead of hp-cups. Which fixed my printing but broke scanning...

Installing the multifunction again through HPLIP toolbox added it as local printer and fixed scanning. So I keep the network version as default printer and renamed the local version to "scanner" to avoid confusion.

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