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  • My built-in microphone doesn't work in "record audio" program and in Skype.

  • I'm using ubuntu 11.10 in Toshiba sattelite p505 s8980.

  • No mute button checked I have PulseAudio Volume Control installed currently when aim trying to use record audio program and hear what I record it plays noisy sound not my voice

  • I changed my computer from 'Analog Stereo Output' to 'Analog Stereo Duplex', in both sound setting ( ubuntu ) and in PulseAudio Volume Control

  • no problem in bios and in my windows seven sound worked perfectly and in ubuntu no problem in sound at all i can play music and movies and even in skype i can hear the sounf of who is taking to me ( it's about the microphone only "

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I've had the same problem it's been driving me crazy.

Here's what worked for me edit the alsa options

If I run alsamixer I don't see any mic channels. (Press F4 for capture)


sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

add the following line at the end

options snd-hda-intel model=laptop

Another post said restart alsa with sudo alsa force-reload. This does not work. Restart the laptop completely.

After restarting run alsamixeragain. This time F4 yields


Notice that Mic B is selected for capture. Change that to Mic F


That's it now the regular sound control should show mic input.

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I've opened a terminal and type alsamixer. This will open the alsamixer in the terminal. Hit the 'F4'-key it showed me the 'capture' device settings. Then the 4th item displayed as Mic, I changed this to 'Internal Mic' (click array down/up key to change).

Once done, I checked in 'system-settings' --> sound --> hardware and I saw the missing lights appearing. Did a test with 'sound record' and this was working.

Hope this helps

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Be sure that your audio profile is set to "Analog stereo duplex" in the System settings -> Sound configurations. This solved for me, because it was configured for "analog stereo output" only. You might want to change your audio profile only when you're going to use an HDMI output, for example.

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