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I installed Ubuntu 11.10 in MacbookPro8,1. I can't enable touchpad, how to enable?

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If you can get to the menu's find the mouse/touchpad settings in the system-settings. You can also talk to it via the command-line using synclient. So for instance synclient TouchpadOff=0 could switch back on the touchpad (if that was causing it). If it doesn't work or it complains with some errors, try to unload/reload the driver:

I made a small script that I've put in ~/bin (for instance reset_mouse) and made executable with chmod u+x ~/bin/reset_mouse. This is the script:

device="bcm5974" ;
xterm -e "sudo modprobe -r $device && sudo modprob $device"

You might have another device (this is mine on my Macbook Pro 6,2). You can Google it or search via lsmod.

Hope this helps.

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