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When I click on unity icon for external drive or mobile phone, f spot is used as default which shows nothing.

How do I get the icons to open the file manager instead, which is what used to happen on 11.04?

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I am sorry i cannot give you the correct English names - i use Ubuntu in german.

If you open the system stuff (first entry on the menu on top right) u will find something on external mediums - there you can choose that it should always ask you what to do with medias.

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Ty this. Go to COMPUTER, then can you see all your hard disk, external drive and mobile phone, right click on properties(of your external drive for example) , click on "open with" then you can see in default applications, right click on f spot and press forget association. You can add open with ·files· and will open your external devices as folders, I hope this help u :)

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