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I'm attempting to use the new --fix-pdf option of simple scan to fix the errors in pdf files created by earlier versions of simple scan.

The command:

simple-scan --fix-pdf test.pdf 

results in a segmentation fault.
Has anyone successfully used the --fix-pdf option?

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Could be that it can't handle that broken PDF (regardless previous version). I had similar errors with bad PDFs using GhostScript – zetah Oct 16 '11 at 17:14

Broken PDFs in Simple Scan

Since version 2.32 Simple Scan has had a bug where it generates PDF files with invalid cross-reference tables.

The good news is this bug is now fixed, and will work correctly in simple-scan 3.2; thanks to Rafał Mużyło who diagnosed this.

You may not have noticed this bug as a number of PDF readers handle these types of failures and rebuild the table (e.g. Evince). It was noticed that some versions of Adobe Reader do not handle these failures.

this is the fix

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