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I'm on a 11.10 x64 machine. When I open a task in gtg, hamaster didn't automatically add if I don't do it manully. Hamster can read the titles and tags of my tasks. But when I finish a task in gtg, hamster didn't stop tracking it.

I've add the gtg-daily ppa but nothing works. BTW, I also added the ppa albertomilone/hamster-indicator for the hamsrer-indicator. Can someone help me?

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If you use gtg-daily ppa, the DBus API of GTG has changed (that is the reason why hamster can't get your tasks from GTG). I've reported the bug on your behalf:

The other thing is that, the hamster plugin doesn't stop tasks tracking in hamster in any case. (There is no code for that) There is already opened a bug for that:

Feel free to subscribe to those bugs to get informed about the newest changes.

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Thanks for your quick reply~ – user12164 Oct 17 '11 at 2:00

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