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Following the instruction from, I go directly to

But when I press the 'Download Now'-Button, it's Label changes to 'Tweetdeck wird installiert' but nothing else happens.


I found this which explains that I have to look for alternatives to Adobe Air.

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In case you are unsure to install an unsupported Adobe software you can also run Tweetdeck from within the Chrome or Chromium browser by installing the application from Chrome Webstore.

Another alternative for Ubuntu is Qwit.

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I decided for the Chrome Webstore solution. Now it is running. – bernd_k Oct 16 '11 at 16:25

TweetDeck depends on Adobe Air, Install it first and then go to website and install it! Unfortunately this is the message from Adobe:

Adobe AIR for Linux is no longer supported. To access older, unsupported versions, please read the AIR archive.

So If i have not missed something, then you better move to another tweeter client. If you do I suggest hotot

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