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Tried to install 11.10 besides my existing 10.04 and Mint 11, but It did not give me the option to install it as second OS on a separate partition, only could select 'Erase all systems'.

How can I install 11.10 besides my two systems?

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I'm going to venture a guess that you already have 4 primary partitions (the maximum for a hard drive) and the only way you will be able to create another partition is (unfortunately) to remove one of the existing partitions. Warning: all of the data will be erased on that partition if you choose to remove it.

If you do choose to remove another partition, I highly recommend creating an extended partition for Ubuntu as you can then add multiple logical partitions to that. You can access these options by choosing "custom" when asked where to install Ubuntu.

You can read more about disk partitioning here.

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2 physical harddrives, one partition on each,one oS on each HDD. 11.10 even wants to erase the OS on the secondary HDD. Disconnecting one HDD brings the same result, 11.10 only gives the option to upgrade or to erase an existing OS. Should I report a bug? – Jeannie Oct 16 '11 at 18:41
@Jeannie: Yes, that does sound like a bug. – Nathan Osman Oct 16 '11 at 18:42

On the installation program, go to Advanced installation and configure a new partition to install here the Ubuntu 11.10

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