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Ok so Im in a bit of a pickle here.

I have a 6 year old laptop which through the years lost a cd drive and doesnt have any options to boot using a usb stick.

I somehow managed to install ubuntu using pxe boot taking the ubuntu distro from

When I start my system I see that there is no UI available and when I do a uname I get the following:

Linux machinename 2.6.31-23-generic #75-Ubuntu SMP

I want to install Ubuntu with Gnome on my machine, and I have a .iso image of Ubuntu 10.04.

Is there a way to install another Ubuntu version (fresh install on a partition would also work) from within Ubuntu using .iso image?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

PS: Much better for me would be to install the Ubuntu netbook version or its better to install a simple Ubuntu desktop version?

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Since your old laptop has working network connectivity, it would probably be easier to install from the network:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

Note that since the introduction of Unity, there is no longer a distinction between Ubuntu "netbook" and "desktop" editions.

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