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When I'm trying to open a Cloud mp3 file on my mobile phone (HTC Desire Z) with the app ''Ubuntu one'' there is always a download failure with a report ''Error, oops, something went wrong''.

Same error, Motorola Xoom. Tried removing account, uninstalling music and files, and re-installing, same error still.

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Hi guys. Can you tell me both versions of the apps on which it happened on? Was the Ubuntu One Files at the time it failed with that message? Thanks in advance. I have an HTC Desire Z, so I'll try to reproduce shortly. – karni Nov 25 '11 at 14:30
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I got somewhere (on my xoom).

Cleared data and uninstalled both files and music.

Rebooted my xoom.

Installed music only, and tried to access. Instead of saying "allow to access your Ubuntu One account" it brought me to an uglier log-in that looked like a web-browser, asking me to authorize a device. It then started to work.

I am guessing there are issues with it trying to use the files account.

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