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Possible Duplicate:
Unity doesn’t load, no Launcher, no Dash appears

Ive installed gnome 3 and gnome3 session . When i login to gnome 3 , it shows gnome 3 panels and my mouse but when i click the menu , nothing happens , it just hang over there . So i decided to remove both package , after removing , i login into my Unity interface and found out that i displays my mouse but nothing else , just black screen/blank screen with mouse . how can i fix this?

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Speaking of gnome 3, you mean gnome shell I suppose? Maybe it's because of yours graphic card drivers. I had the same problem with Maverick Beta, it's because mutter (used by Gnome shell and Unity for compositing) have a lot of problems with some drivers (Mutter is very young). If you use the proprietary graphics of your cards, try to disable them and use Ubuntu drivers. Else, I don't know what you can do except waiting for the Ubuntu 11.04 version of Unity wich will use compiz instead of mutter (it means a very very very better compatibility).
Firsts versions of compiz based Unity should be available soon in a ppa to test, but beware, it will be devellopement version)

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