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I'm trying to install a hard realtime kernel in Lucid for some robotics work. My preference is RTLinux ( by Wind River Systems. I also see that there is a package by the name "linux-rt" in the repositories, and its description is: "complete Realtime (RT) Linux kernel".

My question is: are these two the same? If not, what are the differences between them and the pros and cons of each?

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It looks as if they are similar in name, but not exactly the same.

When looking at the Ubuntu package

They reference " " , which 404. Looking at, I eventually was directed back to

From the faq, the linux-rt kernel is no longer maintained, and is (was) based on the ubuntu (patched) kernel.

The page you referenced, RTLinux, looks like a separate project, based on a non-ubuntu, vanilla kernel.

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