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I have a notebook Dell Inspiron 15R (core i3, 6GB and Intel Graphics card), had Ubuntu 11.04 installed and have just upgraded to 11.10. Everything looks about the same except for shutdown which is extremely slow, even worse than my windows 7 (what I consider an insult). Is version 11.10 shutdown really that slow? Thanks.

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Dell Studio 1747 here and shutdown in 11.04 is 2 seconds, and in 11.10 its around 15 – duffydack Oct 15 '11 at 20:34
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I had a similar experience and disappointment after installing Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric) I looked some more into it to find out (in my case) this was caused by the network-manager. While shutting down it seems to time out and end with the message "nm-dispatcher.action: Caught signal 15, shutting down. ..."

I removed the network-manager and configured my ip address by using /etc/network/interfaces and it is now fast again.

Might be you have the same problem ....

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As a workaround you can replace 'Network-Manager' with 'Wicd' (nicer icons for wicd can be found at gnome-look). For me shutdown is fast again now.

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