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Possible Duplicate:
Sound comes out of my speakers even when headphones are plugged in

I just wanted to listen some music on my Notebook (Ubuntu 11.10), so I connected Headphones, and started Banshee. But later noticed the sound really came out of my headphones and my speakers.

I tried to fix it with Audio options, but I couldn't way and it isn't a Banshee bug. I'm using a Medion MD 96630, here's a chart with its stats and it has a HDA-Intel-Chip with Realtek ALC888 Codec

Thanks to anyone who can answer me this, and please give me a detailed tutorial how to fix this.

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Can you have a look on your Sound Settings > Hardware > Current Profile? What is selected there? – Bruno Pereira Oct 15 '11 at 19:42

This is an alsa issue with hda intel soundchips. There is a fix for it in the link above.

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