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How to install Google Chrome on 11.10?

I love Ubuntu 11.10, but I have a problem. I've tried to install Google Chrome and Skype with the Ubuntu Software Center, but the USC gives me an "internal error" message and can't open the deb file.

Screenshot of error message from relevant bug report

With Chrome, I did sudo dpkg -i and path and name of the file, and then sudo apt-get install -f. But this doesn't work with Skype.

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The issue you are having with Chrome has already been reported as bug 868188. I'm not sure if the issue with Skype has been reported yet, but you should be able to just install that from the Partner repository with no problems.

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Though its a bug, you can always install debs giving similar issues by dpkg, open terminal and just navigate to directory where the .deb file resides and issue sudo dpkg -i <deb_file_name>.deb, this will install the package but in case the package depends on any other package, it will lead to broken package, which you can fix by opening synaptic and going to edit menu and select "fix broken packages" and than apply.

Quick and dirty, but works till the fix is available.

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Note that Synaptic is no longer available by default in 11.10. –  WarriorIng64 Oct 15 '11 at 20:02
Obviously, synaptic will be needed anyway to fix and perform most of the tasks in 11.10 –  Kush Oct 15 '11 at 20:07
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to install deb package simply open terminal by "Ctrl+Alt+T" and type "sudo dpkg -i /deb/destination/package.deb" then "sudo apt-get install -f" to fix the dependencies.

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