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Is there any PPA for ralink 3090 64bit?

I have just added this markus-tisoft PPA but I have not found any driver for ralink 3090 yet in Synaptic Package Manager. (it is only available for 32bit only).

For now, I have downloaded manually. but I hope this PPA available for 64bit arch so I can get it updated automatically.

Or any PPA for this 64bit?

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After searching Launchpad, there is no current PPA for 64bit driver of ralink 3090 that I can see.

The markus-tisoft ppa does not have a maverick entry list. So maybe something in the future, perhaps.

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yeah, I hope markus-tisoft add entry for 64bit arch. whereas the Driver is noarch. so, it can be easily just copy in the amd64 repos and add some extra adjustment in dist folder. – squallbayu Oct 13 '10 at 21:23

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