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Just installed Ubuntu as my only OS:

  • /dev/sda1 is my /boot
  • /dev/sda2 is a swap
  • /dev/sda3 is /
  • /dev/sda4 is /home

When I reboot after installation Grub doesn't show up at all. The screen 'blinks' (the backlight comes on and goes off') continuously.


  1. For some reason sudo fdisk -l doesn't show any of my partitions. Here it is: link
  2. Here is the result of the 'boot script' : link Here you can see the various partitions.

I have tried the steps for grub-install but it didn't work. I am now burning a [boot-repair] live USB and I'll post any updates here.

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Hold down the Shift key during bootup (right after your BIOS). I read somewhere that that should display the GRUB menu.

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