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I have a Sharp TV which my linux box is plugged into. Installing Linux is fine, display is visible at the correct resolution etc.. when i turned the machine on the day after it didnt detect the display?! i.e. 'NO SIGNAL' althought the pc was on. Re-install of the OS was the only thing i could do. Hey presto, display working correctly.

However, checking the displays dialogue, monitor is 'UNKNOWN'. This I assume is the problem. I am no programmer (editing configuration files) but would have piece of mind if the OS recognised the TV monitor for what it is.

Can anyone help?

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Did you install a proprietary driver through the Additional Drivers utility? If so, then the Displays utility is disabled. This is why it says monitor unknown. It says the same on my system and I have a proprietary driver and a settings manager utility for that driver that correctly detects my display. Look for a settings manager utility for the proprietary driver if that i s what you have got. A "no signal" message would indicate that the operating system has not loaded even the boot manager for some reason. –  grahammechanical Dec 8 '11 at 21:43
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This has been answered many times elsewhere. To quote somebody from ask forums:

had the same problem when i updated to 11.04 beta. I have a 22'' Samsung monitor which was detected correctly up unti 10.10.

My problem was solved by creating an xorg.conf file manually:

sudo Xorg -configure

When i rebooted, the monitor was detected fine.

This worked fine for me too....

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