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Possible Duplicate:
How do I install and use the latest version of GNOME 3?

When I try to install Gnome Shell by pressing:


the Software Center opens and says:

Not found
There isn't a software package called "gnome-shell,gnome-themes-standard" in your current software sources.

I tried to switch between "Main Server", "Server for United States" and "Server for Lithuania" (my country) it didn't work.

I also checked "main", "universe", "restricted" and "multiverse" didn't work either.

BTW I'm using an upgraded version from Ubuntu 11.04 not a fresh install.

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There is no package called "gnome-shell,gnome-shell-themes-standard". However, there is a package called gnome-shell, and there is a package called gnome-shell-themes-standard. You just can't ask for both in a url.

You can install Gnome Shell from here:

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Thanks it worked! – Ubuntu-Boy Oct 15 '11 at 8:17
sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

then choose Gnome from start menu at login Gnome SHell

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