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What i can do for this? I have so damn laggy and bad performance with Ubuntu 11.10 and Unity like with 11.04. ATI Drivers installed, and Sync to VBlank is disabled. I really want to use Unity, but its so laggy.

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Try selecting Unity2d at the login screen. Visually, Unity and Unity2d are very similar, but Unity2d is not based on Compiz, so it may perform better.

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Yes, Unity 2D works OK but i would like to use normal Unity.. What is wrong with Unity because it has bad peformance with ATI? – asdasdasdasdad Oct 16 '11 at 10:11

I believe I have got some of the same problems with HD 4890 which runs poorly on Unity 3d as well with the latest propietary driver from ATI. When I had nVidia I only had to tweak compiz by editing the framerate settings in compiz settings manager found with synaptic, but this doesn't do anything for me with ATI, so I am also looking for a solution. "glxgears" caps by 60 fps, but still the animation looks incredibly laggy compared to earlier Ubuntu's which was about 14-15000 fps. So what's going on?

Okay I got a "fix" for my own case, which could help you as well. I installed compiz settings manager and messed around with openGL plugin (texture filtering etc.) and got great performance after a reboot. Now I have no issues what so ever and I am even running 3d-accelerated virtualbox and hardware-acc flashplayer atm. Good luck!

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I have an HD 4250. The problem is fixed by installing the proprietary driver.

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Isn't the ATI driver proprietary? – Nathan Osman Oct 17 '11 at 6:20

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