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I'm setting up a HTPC with Ubuntu 64-bit, using UEFI and RAID with GPT disks.

Is it possible for the EFI system partition (partition type 0xEF00) to be part of a RAID1 array using mdadm? I'm hoping that metadata version 1.0 (at the end of the disk) will allow this.

Also, what should "device for boot loader installation" be set too, or does that only apply to MBR disks?

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After much experimentation I think this is the answer:

The EFI system partition (usually mounted at /boot/efi/) doesn't hold many files, unless e.g. GRUB is stored directly there instead of /boot/grub/. The contents usually don't change, so there is no need to RAID the partition. Having multiple copies of the partition across different disks would also require the UEFI boot entries to be set with efibootmgr; usually GRUB initialises this based on the mounted partition of /boot/efi/.

So it seems that it's both not needed, and not easy to do.

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But let's say you want to have raid1 just for safety if one disk fails. Would "and not easy to do." mean it is possible? –  zidarsk8 Sep 3 '12 at 21:00
What about all those guides saying demonstrating both a boot partition and efi system partition? –  CMCDragonkai Jul 2 '14 at 7:28

No it's not possible yet, most motherboards the have UEFI can read of a limited number of partition types for the EFI (eg. FAT32) and RAID is not one of them.

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