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I have two Screens And I installed gnome shell in my fresh 11.10. but for some reason the nautilus menus for the desktop forder apears in my secondary screen.

This never happened in my fedora 15, don't know if it is a gnome 3.2 bug or a ubuntu problem

I've managed to disable it by making nautilus no handle the desktop via the gnome-tweak-tool. but that way o loose the capability to have icons on desktop.


any ideas on how can i fix it, without disabling the gnome-tweak-tool option??

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It is a known bug. Unless you're a developer, the only thing you can do is wait. – Jo-Erlend Schinstad Oct 16 '11 at 14:34
Have you resolved this issue? – pl1nk Jun 27 '12 at 22:41

I've got the same problem and just removing the app-menu stuff from unity (as you will never use this environment anymore) have make my day happier !

sudo apt-get remove appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-gtk appmenu-qt

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thanks!!!! i'm goint to tried it as soon as I can – piole Oct 18 '11 at 15:30
A recent update to 11.10 made this start showing up for me in classic and your solution worked to get rid of it. – Jason Champion Feb 23 '12 at 19:18

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