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I've downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 and tried to dualboot it with Windows 7, installation proccess went forward without problems, GRUB2 recognized my win 7 boot loader and everything looked fine! I wanted to boot into my fresh Ubuntu install but before the splash screen appeared a sold purple screen was shown with no text.

I waited about 10 mins but to no avail, then I restarted and it happened again, I went into kernel editing in GRUB and deleted thoese 2 words quiet and another one which I forgot! I replaced it with vesa and some other stuff but again it didn't work, I tried WUBI and this happened again.

The only way to run Ubuntu on my machine is inside a Virtual Machine which doesn't work as a solution for me because I don't want to test Ubuntu, i want to use it! Some say it's a problem with my GPU. My GPU is a Radeon HD 6950.

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A purple screen on boot isn't exactly a problem :/. Maybe try a more descriptive title. – Thomas Boxley Jan 1 '12 at 18:33

Have you tried adding 'nomodeset' to grub boot?

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You should boot with nomodeset on your first start-up. Holding Shift while booting will bring you into the grub menu. Press e to edit kernel parameters and remove quiet splash from one of the lines and insert nomodeset in it's place.

If it boots you should install your graphics-card driver through the Additional Drivers application. After this is done it should boot properly the next time you start it.

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