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How would one go about obtaining the list of parameter names for a recognized Wacom device that can be manipulated with the xsetwacom tool?

To be more specific, I'm looking for names applicable to <param> below:

xsetwacom set <wacom_device>  <param>  <value>
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xsetwacom --list param should do it.

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Thanks. How did I miss that! (Actually, I know why: there is no man page on xsetwacom on Lucid.) – Gödel Oct 12 '10 at 23:53

Murat gave the right answer to this question already. This is just to add some knowledge on top of it.

xinput --list-props <device_name>

also shows some properties that can be modified/retrieved through the xinput interface. However, property names here may not be compatible with xsetwacom.

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by any chances do you know of any resources that explain clearly how xorg, xinput, the kernel etc. interact? – UncleZeiv Oct 13 '10 at 13:10

Note that editing the wacom-specific config file may be better than running xsetwacom every time you reboot or ALT+F7 back to the X desktop.

I just recently figured out how that worked and wrote up a little how-to posting on the Ubuntu forum:

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Thanks for the how-to. There are many ways to "hook" a xsetwacom script, but I agree that the xorg setting seems more natural and probably faster. – Gödel Oct 13 '10 at 0:11

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