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I've just done a fresh install of 11.10, + nvidia-current from xswat ppa (cause the current version shipped with ubuntu is broken for my gpu).

Please take time for understanding each steps. I don't know where to report this issue.

Installation of nvidia-current[-dev]

After installing nvidia-current and nvidia-current-dev, theses files are missing:


Both are installed into:


By default, theses are not accessible though standard path, and broke compilation to many software. (no gl.h found, then no -lGL found.)

Broken in design solution

To fix that, we need to install libgl1-dev. libgl1-dev install mesa gl.h in /usr/include/GL/gl.h and install mesa in /usr/lib/

With libgl1-dev, i'm able to compile gl related software. But after compilation, i can see that nvidia libGL is used:

$ ldd mysoftware => /usr/lib/nvidia-current/ (0x00007f620d78c000)


  • we need libgl1-mesa-dev to be able to compile gl-related software by default
  • we don't use nvidia header at compilation, but mesa header
  • we don't use any mesa lib at runtime


  • Why should i install Mesa development since i already got everything on my computer ?
  • Should ubuntu need to install or symlink nvidia libs and header in standard location if mesa are not installed ?
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This is exactly my problem, but what's under solution is unintelligible. What does "we need to install libgl1-dev. libgl1-dev install mesa gl.h in /usr/include/GL/gl.h and install mesa in /usr/lib/" mean? The first line is understandable to me. It should be: "Execute (from the console): sudo apt-get install libgl1-dev. The second sentence however, I cannot find verb nor subject in. Please restate this so that I can compile an application using openGL. – user54311 Apr 10 '12 at 15:46