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My touch pad is not working correct in Ubuntu since having an accident with a coffee spill. It freezes my mouse. So I had to disable it in Ubuntu, in order to be able to work, but I want to install the latest version but can't get through the process of installation because it freezes my mouse.

Can I disable touch pad during an installation?

PS: I would like to do it without disassembling my laptop and disconnecting touch pad from motherboard. I also didn't find an option in BIOS to disable touch pad.

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How about if you do the update via the Internet? I am doing that on this computer at the moment and I can look at your question during the update process. That should mean that you can disable your touchpad and proceed? My second computer I'm updating via CD and it is NOT usable at the moment. –  Ilan Oct 14 '11 at 10:11

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