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I have just upgraded one of my computers from 11.04 to 11.10 using the upgrade tool in the update manager interface.

Everything seemed to go smoothly, until the very end when the reboot happened. At that point, it would not reboot.

When I reboot, one of three things happens. It hangs at a blank purple screen, it hangs at the screen with the Ubuntu logo and five orange dots underneath, or, if I try to boot into recovery mode, it blurts out some text. Here is what those screens look like:

bad boot screens

Here is a close up of the text from the screen I get when going into recovery mode. It is always the same. The black text over top the option interface seems to prevent me interacting with it, so this is how it stays unless I reboot:

bad boot text

I can't seem to initiate any way of getting to a prompt. [CTRL]+[F6] or [CTRL]+[BACKSPACE] don't work. I tried pressing [F6] immediately after GRUB finished, which I thought I read on the net somewhere would help... anyway, I don't know how to initiate any kind of interface so I can even figure out what the problem is.

The usual suspects are the Nvidia graphics card, or maybe something to do with my software RAID (2 500GB drives). However, I have no idea what is actually happening.

How do I get my Ubuntu 11.10 to boot?

(Previous versions seem to have been removed, so I can't go back.)

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