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I have my laptop running 11.10 and using Gnome-Shell for my sessions, however whenever I try to "search" for an application or file in the new gnome panel everything freezes and my CPU goes full load and I can't do anything.

Is this just a bug or is it hardware related to some certain CPUs?

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possible duplicate of:… – v2r Feb 20 '14 at 20:38

In order to use 3.0 themes instead of 3.2 theme, just add theses few lines at the beginning of gnome-shell.css file in the gnome-shell theme folder :

.icon-grid {
    spacing: 36px;
    -shell-grid-item-size: 118px;

.contact-grid {
    spacing: 36px;
    -shell-grid-item-size: 272px; /* 2 * -shell-grid-item-size + spacing */

.icon-grid .overview-icon {
    icon-size: 96px;

You can now use search engine without freezes.

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You need to use the default theme or a 3.2 theme, 3.0 themes are not working and freezes when you search.

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Just added those few lines of code to the css file. Heres to hoping it worked :) – leveliv Oct 20 '11 at 3:58

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