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I just upgraded to Mythbuntu 11.10, and everything is working great, except for one snag.

Automatic login has gone away.

When I try to call up the interface for setting it, the option to make the setting is grayed out, as shown in the picture below.

I have tried running the mythbuntu-control-centre as a regular user, and as root, and either way, I can't access the settings.

How do I get my autologin function back?

greyed out autologin

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I played with the lightdm.conf (the one located at /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf not the one in /etc/init/) and got the auto login working for me:

autologin-user=your username

Think that the greeter-session needed to be updated for mythbuntu.

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I believe this is because Ubuntu switched from GDM to LightDM - the button in that dialog essentially configures GDM, which is now missing. I'm not sure what are the plans of Mythbuntu developes regarding this missing feature

Mythtv website has a wiki page about auto-login methods, some of them are not dependent on a particular login manager:

Here are some instructions on how to enable auto-login with LightDM in Ubuntu (which may or may not be slightly different than in Mythbuntu)

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Thanks for the suggestions. Editing the lightDM config file did not change anything. The Wiki page may have helpful information, but that's a lot of information, so if the answer is there, I haven't found it yet. – Questioner Oct 14 '11 at 18:26

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