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I would like to make the clutter flow on the Maverick permanent for the ~/pictures folder. when I close nautilus clutter flow resets and I have to again press F4 and resize the area. Which defeats the purpose of an eyecandy app IMO. Is there a way to set to permanent for the pictures folder.

thanks Gaurav Butola

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This is not possible right now, but it is a planned feature.

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I wish it gets implemented soon. – Gaurav Butola Oct 13 '10 at 13:17

It is possible becuase i've done it.. You can have it default all the time or just for individual folders or just create new launchers to locations you want it.

Yes it's maybe not perfect but it does the job.. It's a simple setup which can be easily undone just by changing whatever launcher command you change back to nautilus for example..

If somebody can help with setting the default clutterview size then please do as that's what I wanted to do with this.. I've been tinkering with the window resize options of xdotool and now i'm toying with the gtk files but only minor success so far.. If somebody can make it happen with xdotool then it will be perfect becuase the resize code can just be added to the sh script which opens clutterview.

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How do you activate it in maverick? I have installed the ppa on a fresh maverick install, but f4/f7 don't do anything and pressing the space key launches gloobus-preview in an external window. Tried to compile and install it from source, but won't compile... any ideas?

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you might want to start a new question on this issue cause this has already been answered and no one would enter the question because it has already been tagged as Answered. Here is a known issue for clutter flow though… – Gaurav Butola Nov 4 '10 at 13:53

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