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I just tried 11.10 on virtualbox and it seems to be fine. Rather than making another partition, transfering files, and then deleting 10.04 to make sure everything's all right, I would like to just upgrade to 11.10. Is it possible?

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I guess that a simple update-manager -d will do the job. – Pavlos G. Oct 13 '11 at 13:49
It's basically the same as in the previous release:… – Takkat Oct 13 '11 at 14:59
possible duplicate of Is it possible to skip releases during an upgrade? – Christopher Kyle Horton Mar 6 '12 at 13:13
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Not directly; you must first upgrade to 10.10, then 11.04. You can only skip releases when upgrading from LTS to LTS.

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do you live in S-America ? – dschinn1001 Nov 17 '13 at 19:34

To my memory you can upgrade from 10.04 to 11.10, but as psusi suggests, you should upgrade to 10.10 and then 11.04 first for best results.

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