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I like to work with a number of apps open on a secondary monitor, one with a maximized window, and several more that are manually tiled in a particular way on top of them, just exposing a particular part of the maximized app so that I can see if it needs attention. I would like to be able to quickly and easily send the maximized window to the back of the stack when I'm done with it to reveal all the other windows I have there so I can focus on them instead. Right now I either alt-tab through the windows to bring them to front, or live with them being out of view for awhile, which is sub-optimal.

Suggestions as to how to achieve this? Something like an entry in the right-click menu on the title bar for "Send to back" would be great, but I'd settle for just about anything simpler than what I'm doing now.

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A middle click on the title bar should send the clicked window back.

If it is no longer available, it should be configurable depending on your window manager; use gconf-editor for metacity and clutter, ccsm for compiz.

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The keyboard shortcut is disabled by default, but can be easily added.

enter image description here

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Another good option! – qhartman Nov 6 '15 at 17:52

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