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file transfer from PC to USB disk is very slow in my ubuntu 11.04(64bit) but the vice versa is not.transfer starts with like, for the transfer of 700MB file it starts with 30mb/s and towards the end it stops at 0s and stays put for like 3-4 mins to transfer the last bit. any help to solve this welcome

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I assume your usb drive is formatted in fat32. Formatting your usb drive in ext3 or ntfs format will solve speed problem. But if you connect your ext3 formatted USB drive in another computer running windows, it will not work.

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It is not a answer, and maybe is unrelated, but cheap USB Sticks are slow to write. When the OS is copying to the USB devices it starts fast because it is using main memory as a kind of write cache, but when it runs out of cache the speed decreases enormously.

Maybe, when its stop at 0s, the USB is still dumping all the cached data that it was not transfered yet.

Externals Hard Disk are usually faster and have a internal cache too, so this effect is not as appreciable as with usb memory.

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Me too have the same problem. I tried different USb devices but still no luck.

I also tried rsync but it also have the same issue, ie stops at 0s for so many time.

One important thing is I don't face any issue while copying files to external Hard disk. Problem with usb 2.0 devices.

Any suggestions? I'm using ubuntu 11.10

Thanks in advance.

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Formatting to NTFS will fix the problem. Thanks Man. You are rocking. Can you please tell me what is the root cause? – Vipin Ms Nov 20 '11 at 14:22

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