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I am using 11.04 and I have global menu's disabled (don't remember which method I used to accomplish this). I have the system tray set to allow all apps, using a method I found on Webupd8 and I have "minimize to tray" add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird which is set to close Thunderbird to the system tray instead of quitting/closing it.

Problem: If I minimize or close any application to the system tray without first un-maximizing the application's window, I am not allowed to grab any open app's window that is maximized by the title bar using the mouse. I have to first un-maximize the app to move it. But, if I minimize an app to the unity launcher bar instead of the system tray from any position (be it maximized or not) I don't have any problems.

How do I make the applications behave the same way when minimizing/closing them to the system tray?

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You're not supposed to be able to move maximized windows. Any sane window manager disables moving maximized windows.

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you can move maximized windows, every OS i have ever used allows maximized windows to be moved, of course when you move the maximized window it is no longer maximized. Windows does this, and ubuntu does this. I can't speak for Mac as i avoid using mac's intentionally. – D russ Oct 12 '11 at 12:10
That's like saying I can drive a car with no engine - all I have to do is add an engine first. ;) I'm on a Windows XP system at work right now, and cant grab and drag a maximized window - the "move" option in the right-click menu on the title bar is also greyed out, like it's supposed to be. On the Ubuntu 11.10 system using Unity which is right next to me, if I try to drag a maximized window, it first unmaximizes, and then lets me move the non-maximized window. But that's not moving a maximized window. I don't remember OS X letting me move maximized windows either, but it's been a while. – dannysauer Oct 28 '11 at 16:41
But, to be more useful, I'll note that Ubuntu 11.10's Unity minimizes to the tray by default - no extra plugin is needed. So probably the easiest way to fix this behavior is to upgrade to the current release; lots of Unity stuff from 11.04 was better polished in this release. :) – dannysauer Oct 28 '11 at 16:50

As far as I know, you can always move a window by pressing Alt while grabbing any part of it.

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when i close any apps window from its maximized state to the system trey, i am no longer able to grab any other maximized apps window by the title bar and move it/unmaximize without hitting alt. Now if i close any apps window to the system tray from a non maximized state i dont have any problems grabbing other maximized apps windows and moving/unmaximizing it. – D russ Oct 12 '11 at 2:30
THANK YOU @Mauricio!!!!! I just installed latest Ubuntu for the first time and I opened Thunderbird and the bloody window opened with the whole left half of it outside of the left side of the screen and i couldn't even see the titlebar so i couldn't drag the window, thank you for posting this, I was finally able to move teh widnow! – jay_t55 Jul 9 '14 at 20:08
@Mauricio, any idea how I can make all windows startup at the location they were last at? I mean, whenever i open a new app, it opens at very top-left of screen. I always move all windows to center of screen but next time i open them they're back to top-left again. How can I fix this behavior? – jay_t55 Jul 9 '14 at 20:09

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