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I received this error message when trying to sign in using Ubuntu One (for Windows). I'm using Windows 7 and just installed Ubuntu One for Windows. Already created an account.

"nonetype" object has no attribute "make file"

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The logs of the application are located in :


Please can you go to and a a bug report stating what was the issue. We did have some server issues when we launched the app so it might be that the problem you have.

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Try to run Ubuntu with Administrator privileges (right mouse click on icon - run as admin)?

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Didn't help me. – Michael Durrant May 15 '12 at 1:19

Ubuntu One help Ubuntu One helpFAQsWhy do I get a 'NoneType' object has not attribute 'makefile' when setting up my computer with Ubuntu One? This error will normally occur when you are behind a proxy server and try to setup Ubuntu One. You'll likely see the error after completing step 3 of the setup process. Ubuntu One does not currently work behind a proxy server.

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