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system: ubuntu 11.04 server

window manager: openbox

The bubble looks like this:

enter image description here

I want it to look like this:

enter image description here

is there any way by just editing a config file? (which i, by the way, didn't found, neither in ~/.config nor somewhere else .. )

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Install notify patched update from this ppa, you need it to use the customization file. After that you need to create a file using gedit ~/.notify-osd & and paste the following code in to it:

slot-allocation = fixed
bubble-expire-timeout = 10sec
bubble-vertical-gap = 5px
bubble-horizontal-gap = 5px
bubble-corner-radius = 37,5%
bubble-icon-size = 30px
bubble-gauge-size = 6px
bubble-width = 240px
bubble-background-color = 131313
bubble-background-opacity = 90%
text-margin-size = 10px
text-title-size = 100%
text-title-weight = bold
text-title-color = ffffff
text-title-opacity = 100%
text-body-size = 90%
text-body-weight = normal
text-body-color = eaeaea
text-body-opacity = 100%
text-shadow-opacity = 100%

Save it and and test notify-send again. Here is the source for this information.

Also there is a GUI to configure notify-osd put toghether by the guys at you can check that information here.

The other option is to recompile it with your own customization settings, if you need to change those you need to recompile.

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thanks for the effort but it still looks the same. maybe it has something to do with xcompmgr ? – spheniscida Oct 10 '11 at 21:17
No, you need to recompile it if you want to use customizations or you need to use the patched one from this ppa that supports the file you just created. So, add the ppa, upgrade it with the packages from the ppa and you can start using the customization file you just created ;-) – Bruno Pereira Oct 10 '11 at 22:07

notify-send and notify-osd are different packages and I think that caused some confusion here. According to your tags you are referring to notify-osd, but in your subject you are referring to notify-send. The answer above by Bruno allows you to change the style of notify-osd notifications through Ubuntu's Unity based server.

You may or may not get this working in Openbox, but you can easily test it by typing notify-osd. If not, a daemon might need to be started up for it to work, or it could require Unity.

If that does not work and you are forced to use notify-send, to my knowledge there is no current way to style the popup box.

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