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I have installed empathy on Kubuntu and when I try to add my account it says that it cant communicate with the gnome keyring well thats because I don't have gnome but KDE so is there a way to use empathy in KDE or is there an equivalent for KDE which will allow me to chat with my friends on facebook?

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To use programs using Gnome keyring on KDE, you need to start Gnome keyring automatically on startup and terminate on shutdown. One way is the following. Start Konsole terminal and enter the following script:

cat > $HOME/.kde/env/ <<EOF
eval \`gnome-keyring-daemon\`
chmod 755 $HOME/.kde/env/
cat > $HOME/.kde/shutdown/ <<EOF
if [-n "\$GNOME_KEYRING_PID"]; then
chmod 755 $HOME/.kde/shutdown/

This will automatically create the necessary scripts and put where they belong. Source:

There are plenty of other software for chatting on XMPP protocol (aka Jabber), you can check them out on - just check whether it supports Linux.

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