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I want to set up a connection with the network of my work via VPN in Ubuntu (11.04), but they only provide support for windows. They provide a pbk file, and in Windows you just have to double click it to make the connection. Can I use this in a certain way in Ubuntu?

I know that the pbk file is a text file I can open to extract maybe useful information, but I don't know what. For example, when I add a vpn connection, do I have to choose for vpnc or pptp?

I do also know that there is a similar question - Running a pbk file in Linux - but that has migrated to another site, and there they don't give really a satisfying answer.

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After some more trying and looking on the web, I managed to make the VPN connection by the following steps:

  1. Add a VPN connection (click on network-indicator -> VPN connections -> Configure VPN ... -> Add). Here you choose "Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)" (not Cisco compatible VPN)

  2. Give the necessary data:

    • Gateway: this is the VPN address (PhoneNumber in the .pbk file)
    • User name and password
  3. I had to follow this third step to get it work: Uncheck the checkbox "Available to all users" AND restart after unchecking the checkbox! (thanks to

That's it, with these steps I got it working!

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