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I am not able to find the lg command in my Ubuntu 11.10 installation. I have installed Gnome3 from website, following the install link for Ubuntu. So I think everything should be fine.

But the lg command is missing and I am not able to find any package providing it. Any hint?

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gsettings set development-tools true

And check again to see if 'lg' works.

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I had this problem and flipping the setting to true worked. I wonder what process might have set it away from the default value of true. – Eric Drechsel Nov 19 '15 at 17:59

To my knowledge, the command "looking glass" is a part of the Gnome-Shell itself. Make sure you have "gnome compatibility" activated in the compiz config settings manager and you have gnome-Shell installed.

The "running command" shortcut normally is Alt+F2.

So, please press Alt-F2, a very simple command window will appear. Here you can type "lg" to activate this bug-tracking- and processes-information-window.

I hope, that was helpful for you.

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was to me (read the wiki too quickly) thx – mikakun May 15 '14 at 22:28

ALT + F2 doesn't work by default in GNOME Shell under Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot. To fix it, open "System Settings" and under Keyboard > Shortcuts > System, click "Disabled" next to "Show the run command prompt" and press ALT + F2 - this should set ALT + F2 for running the command prompt.

and to give credit where credit is due....

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