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This is very annoying as Evolution events were not only visible, but also clickable in the unity panel calendar. Isn't this possible with Thunderbird in Oneiric?

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Okay it's 2013 and still my lightning events are not showing in the unity panel calendar. Has this issue now been resolved? – NahsiN Nov 3 '13 at 15:56
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The calendar in the Unity panel is hard-coded to work with Evolution; however, progress is being made on fixing this. See this post on Mike Conley's Blog.

In short, Lightening events in Thunderbird can be shown in the 'indicator-datetime' panel calendar, but the plugin is not finished or released yet. (For example, clicking an event doesn't automatically open the event in Thunderbird)

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EDS Calendar Integration addon synchronizes Thunderbird with calendar indicator.

Note: I'm the author

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