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Whenever I print anything, the output is shifted about 3 cm towards the top. That causes the 3-4 first lines to be "cut off" and it will start printing the ~ 4th line. (And of course therefore the page is blank within the last lines.)

I print using Evince. Oh, btw, printing with Adobe Reader won't print at all. (With no visible error message in the GUI.)

Any idea how to fix that? I have a Brother DCP-135C and the newest stable Ubuntu version..

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The answer also applies to Brother DCP-330C on Ubuntu 12.04 – therobotichumanoid Mar 3 '13 at 6:30

Take a look at file /usr/local/Brother/Printer/**your model**/inf/br**your model**rc (probably /usr/local/Brother/Printer/dcp135c/inf/brdcp135crc) and verify if the value of PaperType matches your paper size.

That happened to me when settings were "Letter" and my paper was "A4".

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The answer Salem provided helped me too but in my case the file was located in the folder:



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