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I'm new to Ubuntu and I need to install Groovy graphics builder. I downloaded from here. The site says to do two things :

Drop all jar files into $GROOVY_HOME/lib

Drop the scripts into $GROOVY_HOME/bin

But how to do this? I have installed Groovy in this path :


I guess the site asks me to put(paste) all the downloaded files in /usr/share/groovy/bin and /usr/share/groovy/lib respectively as suggested by the site. But when i try to paste the files in /usr/share/groovy/bin I see the paste command have been disabled.

Since I'm a novice I don't know what to do, can anyone say me how this can be done?

I use Ubuntu 10.04

Thanks in advance.

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It disables the paste command because you don't have permissions in that folder. If you want to paste there you are going to need root access.

For this open a terminal and type gksudo nautilus. This will open a nautilus windows that runs with all privileges.

Be careful using this because you can delete or change everything without warning.

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