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Openshot stopped working on my friend's laptop. Running it in a terminal produces this. I suspect a python library it needs was removed.

------------------------- ERROR 1 ------------------------------
Failed to import 'from openshot import main'
Error Message: cannot import name main

------------------------- ERROR 2 ------------------------------
Failed to import 'from openshot.openshot import main'
Error Message: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'set_cursor'


  • Reinstalling openshot
  • Searching for the error reveals this bug, but I don't have the locale problem.
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Try renaming the openshot config folder and restarting openshot i.e.

mv ~/.openshot ~/.openshot_backup

N.B. looking at the OpenShot forums - this solution is frequently quoted for these short of python issue.


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I had the same problem, all was working fine but suddenly openshot stop functioning!

I've found a solution:

  1. First i reinstalled ffmpeg...
  2. Then i uninstalled openshot
  3. I cleaned up after with Ubuntu tweak...
  4. After that i manually delete the folder .openshot in my personal files (use Crlt H, to see the hidden files)...
  5. Rebooted my pc...
  6. Finally i reinstalled openshot...

And it worked just fine ... :D

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