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I am facing problem regarding ati Radeon HD 6470M graphics card in ubuntu 11.04.

My laptop configuration:

  • Manufacturer : hp
  • Processor : core i5 2.3ghz
  • Ram : 8gb
  • Graphics card: ati Radeon HD 6470M 1 GB.

Problem: While installing ubuntu 11.04 i got the blank screen and if i wait for few minutes it got start normally but

if i press any key while booting (with blank screen (same while installing) ) it not able to start (same for

the installation) the OS.

But if i install the ATI proprietary driver the blank screen problem resolved but i am not able to start

ubuntu 11.04 in unity not event with classic effect. While installing ATI proprietary driver the catalyst control center intalled but when i open it it gives error: "Initialization error:

There was a problem initializing Catalyst Control Center Linux edition. It could be caused by the following.

No ATI graphics driver is installed, or the ATI driver is not functioning properly. Please install the ATI driver appropriate for you ATI hardware, or configure using aticonfig."

I am new with this error please help me.

Thank You

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