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I can't change my Full Name (registered erroneously). I did login and tried to change it. In the windows application it still shows the erroneous Full Name.


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Is this about "how do I change my name in Ubuntu" or "How do I change my name on Ask Ubuntu"? –  jrg Oct 7 '11 at 0:59

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It is unclear from your question where do you want to change your name. If you change your name in Ubuntu it does not affect on Windows user account. You should change it in Windows too.

Assuming you want to change your name in Ubuntu Desktop:

  • Change display name (or comment):

    sudo usermod -c "Desired Name" yourloginhere

  • Change login:

    sudo usermod -l newlogin yourloginhere

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It is also possible to do this via chfn --fullname which does not require sudo privileges: –  guerda Aug 18 at 9:37

If you are talking about Ubuntu One, then you should be able to change your full name by opening The top field will let you change your user name for your Ubuntu One account and this should also be reflected on other Ubuntu sites and applications.

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