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I wanna play the buffer size and other settings in the tcp configuration in order to finish the project that am working on and analyzed the results ??

I want to know if there is a file or something else that I can access to see and edit these settings and since am new to ubuntu I have no clue where to start so if you could please be informative in the answers I will appreciate that.

I have one more question is it different in fedora or is it the same as ubuntu ? because I have to do it on both OS

thanks for helping

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It's the same. You can read/set most TCP/IP parameters with the ifconfig command. You can find out about which parameters by reading man ifconfig. You have to use sudo (or some other way of becoming root) to set. Also, I've found that the changed parameters take effect ONLY as the interface transitions from DOWN to UP (via ifconfig). There's also the iwconfig command for wireless parameters man iwconfig

Good luck with your assignment.

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