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For performance reasons, I compiled GSL with icc (intel C compiler). I ran ./configure with some flags, make, make check and sudo checkinstall.

I had to remove libgsl0ldbl, which is used by a number of packages (bogofilter bogofilter-bdb ink-generator inkscape libgsl0ldbl octave-gsl octave-statistics octave-vrml pyxplot pyxplot-doc qtiplot). I had to remove these packages, run checkinstall to install gsl from source. Then when I tried to install the packages back, they wanted to erase my version of gsl and install the pre-compiled one.

Is there any way to make those packages use the source-compiled version of gsl?

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I think to get the best performance, you'll want to also rebuild the applications with icc, and I'm not entirely sure that using a library built with icc and an application built with gcc will actually work.

But to answer the question as asked, there are basically two ways:

  1. Rebuild a libgsl0ldbl package, using icc, with a different version suffix (or a different name but Provides: libgsl0ldbl), and install that, then install the packages which should no longer want the Ubuntu libgsl0.

  2. Force installation of the application packages despite not having libgs0ldbl installed. One crude way to accomplish this is dpkg --force-deps octave-gsl*deb on the deb file.

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