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Today I tried (at least) two time upload about 3GB file - everythime progress dialog disappear and in status I got information '93% upload is done' - no error happen. No file available in UbuntuOne.

  • System: Windows XP
  • Browser: Chrome
  • File type: .tar
  • File size: about 3GB
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Did you ever have this working - e.g. with small files? A 3GB file isn't that big these days (unless you use really old operating systems or file systems that don't support files larger than 2GB), but it's always wise (and saves a lot of time) if you test things with small datasets/files first. Also, right after attempting the copy, open a console and type dmesg. A lot will scroll by, but the end of the file will show you system messages about anything that might have upset the operating system (Linux) when you ran the copy.

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