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Is there a shell command for outputing absolute path for specified program? I'd like to know where executable binary file is.

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Try which ls to discover full path to ls command

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In bash, the command

type name

will give you every information about name, if executable (returning also the path), shell alias, shell function, shell builtin.

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whereis -b yourBinary will output the location of a program.

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All of the above, with some caveats:

whereis -- searches for matches (by default) on some pre-set directories. The list is available on 'man whereis', and can be passed as a parameter

which -- searches for executable files in the current environment (in other words, executables that can be found in the directories listed in the environment variable PATH

(bash) type -- if 'name' is an alias, it lists the alias definition, but not necessarily the path of any executables in the definition.

Another option, more generic, is mlocate.

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type -P always performs a PATH search, mlocate would return many unrelated results (unrelated to what OP asked: "absolute path for specified program") – enzotib Oct 5 '11 at 12:13

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